Currency Information

Stay Informed

Arriving at a new border is daunting enough without the uncertainty of not knowing what exchange rate to expect. You will almost always need some of the new country’s currency to buy insurance, or pay immigration or customs fees, and if you don’t at least have an idea of what you should get for your dollars or euros, you could easily be ripped off.

Again, we show a distinctly African bias – we suggest you take a complete sheet of African rates with you so you can cope with last minute route changes, and if you fill it in before you depart you should also update the rates a few days before you plan to cross into the country concerned, if this is possible. Asking for local advice will usually get you into an immediate business transaction – advice on its own isn’t easily available; this means that the internet may be the easiest impartial source for current rates.

African Rate Sheet

For a complete currency sheet for Africa visit Camelworld. have a table with popular currencies available, but if you want all Africa currency rates you will have to manually look each one up using the ‘Full’ version of the converter.

The table at the bottom of this page lists each African country with the currency used. Print this out or save it as it will allow you to note down the actual exchange rates as you travel.

Currency Notes

The CFA comes in two forms – one for West and one for Central Africa. Both have the same fixed rate to the Euro, which is the preferred currency of exchange.

The Democratic Republic of Zaire uses the vastly inflated Franc, as well as US$ for transactions – change is often but not always in Francs. You can actually cash dollar travellers cheques at the Commercial Bank in Kinshasa, and get dollars in return, with a very small commission.

The Namibian Dollar is pegged to the South African Rand at 1:1, and in Namibia you can usually pay in Rand as well.

Visa fees are often charged in Dollars, Euros, or Pounds – it’s worth checking the price in each currency to see which works out as cheapest for you.


Country Name Currency ISO
Algeria Dinar DZD
Angola Kwanza AOA
Botswana Pulas BWP
Burkina Faso CFA XOF
Burundi Francs BIF
Cameroon CFA XAF
Cape Verde Escudos CVE
Central African Republic CFA XAF
Comoros Francs KMF
Republic of Congo CFA XAF
Democratic Rep of Congo Francs CDF
Cote d’Ivoire CFA XOF
Djibouti Francs DJF
Egypt Pounds EGP
Equatorial Guinea CFA XAF
Eritrea Nakfa ERN
Ethiopia Birr ETB
Gambia Dalasi GMD
Ghana Cedis GHC
Guinea Bissau CFA XOF
Guinea Francs GNF
Kenya Shillings KES
Lesotho Maloti LSL
Liberia Dollars LRD
Libya Dinars LYD
Madagascar Francs MGF
Malawi Kwachas MWK
Mauritania Ouguiyas MRO
Mauritius Rupees MUR
Morocco Dirhams MAD
Mozambique Meticais MZM
Namibia Dollars NAD
Nigeria Nairas NGN
Rwanda Francs RWF
Sao Tome Dobras STD
Senegal CFA XOF
Seychelles Rupees SCR
Sierra Leone Leones SLL
Somalia Shillings SOS
South Africa Rand ZAR
Sudan Dinars SDD
Swaziland Emalangeni SZL
Tanzania Shillings TZS
Tunisia Dinars TND
Uganda Shillings UGX
Zambia Kwacha ZMK
Zimbabwe Dollars ZWD