Garage Guide


This guide has been put together from information passed on to us from our customers. At present all the information relates to African expeditions – as we receive more information we will add it to this resource.

African garages are full of immensely gifted bush mechanics who can usually get your vehicle going again while using the most basic of tools, and cannibalising parts from any vehicle available. How far you’ll get after they’ve done their work depends largely on luck…

If you aren’t servicing and repairing your vehicle yourself you’re best choice are usually the official Land Rover dealers along the way. In some countries these simply don’t exist, and in others local advice is to steer well clear of them.

If you do find yourself using a bush mechanic be sure to oversee the work yourself, and be prepared to step in and stop abuse of your vehicle or tools when you see it.

In South Africa, where the main dealers have a poor reputation, there are several specialist Land Rover garages who may be a better option.

One of our customer jokes that he spent two months in South Africa fixing all the problems caused by the preceding six months of bush mechanics’ efforts.

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Rating ****
A surprising find in the middle of the country – a well equipped garage with competent staff and a facilities that includes a machine shop equipment. (Submitted by Peter Strong)

Democratic Republic of Congo

Anglo American Automobiles
S04°18.55′ E015°19.77′
56b Flambeau Ave
Kinshasa Gombe
+?? 9911669

Rating *****
Richard Wynne runs a very competent team, and somehow seems to have an excellent supply chain. Probably the best Land Rover garage in North or Central Africa. (Submitted by Peter Strong)


Africa Lakes
N08°58.86′ E038°45.37′
Debrezeyth Road
Addis Ababa
(Take the dirt road opposite the Pepsi Factory)
+251 1421668
+251 1425034

Rating ****
Ashley represents LR very well in this official dealership. My mechanic Shawen was excellent and spoke good English. (Submitted by Peter Strong)


Mechanical Lloyd Co, Ltd.
Ring Road West Ind. Area
Near Nkrumo Circle
021 241952

Rating ***
A large well run (read: German run) garage with all the facilities, but hampered by a poor supply chain – you may need to visit the second hand parts market around the corner – an amazing experience in it’s own right. (Submitted by Peter Strong)

Greece (well, it’s on the way to Africa, isn’t it)

Antonis Margetis
N37°56.610′ E023°51.460′

Rating ****
This is where everybody in the know in Greece takes their Landies. Antonis really knows his Land Rovers, and can offer second hand parts at good prices. His labour is amazingly reasonable, and I couldn’t fault his work. (Submitted by Peter Strong)


Bush Rover
S01°19.21′ E036°429.57′
Ngong Road
Box 24259
00502 Nairobi +254 (0)20 883575
+254 (0)20 883357

Rating ****
An enthusiast’s garage. This is where I finally managed to get my rear springs sorted out – the team know LRs well and are well known in Nairobi as being the place to go if you want to avoid the main dealership. (Submitted by Peter Strong)


Halid Motors
PO Box 70391
Mandela Highway
Dar es Salaam +255 (0)741 351192
+255 (0)744 290538

Rating ****
It’s a dirt lot garage, but Athumani knows his stuff and has a good team -I was surprised at the speed and efficiency of his work. (Submitted by Peter Strong)